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Wed 30 Sep 11:00am

John Bell AO Live In Conversation With Dr. Hilton Immerman

On Shakespeare’s exploration of antisemitism and racism in ‘The Merchant of Venice’

Thu 24 Sep 11:00am

In the Kitchen with Chef Michael Rantissi

Joined by Monday Morning Cooking Club's Lisa Goldberg

Wed 23 Sep 10:00am

Diet and Nutrition to Support Osteoarthritis

How diet and nutrition can support you

Tue 8 Sep

Caring for Your Mental Health with Brenda Rosenfeld

Brenda explores how we can be a friend to our mind and body through…

Fri 28 Aug

The Women of Ancient Rome: Law, Life and Agency

Professor Kathryn Welch highlights the complex and nuanced existence of women during these times



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The Venice Biennale: Modern and Contemporary Art in Venice

Dr Nick Gordon explores how the Venice Biennale transformed modern art forever

Fri 20 Nov 08:30am

Taking on the NRA: Will Federal Gun Legislation Ever Pass?

Major Michael R Bloomberg is joined by Shannon Watts and John Feinblatt on the…

Mon 9 Nov 12:30pm

The ‘Immoral’ Bible

Gain an insight into the various moral perspectives of this great ‘book of books'…

Wed 4 Nov 08:00am

How Jews and Christians Read Scripture Differently with Dr Amy-Jill Levine

Dr. Amy-Jill Levine and Professor Mary Jane Werthan explore Jewish and Christian interpretations of…

Wed 14 Oct 09:00am

Global Response to the Holocaust with Irene Shaland

The Ring of Fire: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Soviet Union

Tue 13 Oct 08:00pm

Reconciliation, Identity and Imagined Futures

Claire G. Coleman and Shais Rishon in conversation with Isabelle Oderberg

Tue 6 Oct 07:00pm

Natasha Stott Despoja: In Discussion

Australian politician, Natasha Despoja AO will talk about her work around supporting women and…

Thu 1 Oct 08:30pm

Thomas Friedman on the Trump Presidency & Next Month’s Elections

Journalist and author Thomas Friedman to discuss the Trump presidency and what’s at stake…

Fri 25 Sep 01:00pm

Inspiration for Yom Kippur

Join NIF staff Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen and Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits for a pre-Yom…

Thu 24 Sep 10:00am

Nicholas Kristof: A Ray of Hope in a Grim Time

Nicholas Kristof will talk about the challenges of working-class rural America during these unprecedented…

Thu 24 Sep 07:00pm

Netanyahu and UAE: How ‘The Magician’ Pulled a Rabbit Out of His Hat

In Conversation with Barak Ravid and Irris Makler as they discuss the impact of…

Wed 23 Sep 07:00am

On Lox and Life

Join Len Berk, the last Jewish lox slicer at Zabar’s, and Melissa Clark for…

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