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Pickled Cucumber Workshop

Join Mel from Mia Cucina for this traditional family recipe

Sun 5 Jul 08:00pm to 09:00pm

Zeddy Lawrence, Australian Jewish News

National Editor of the AJN since 2009

The Israel Museum

Explore and enjoy a self-guided tour of the permanent exhibition

Americans and The Holocaust

How did the Depression, isolationism, xenophobia, racism, and antisemitism shape American responses to Nazism…

Sydney Jewish Writers Festival Podcast

Jewish writing, authors, journalists, screenwriters, poets and ideas from Australia and around the world

Dunera Launch

Watch our launch video to find out more about Dunera

From the Rabbi’s bookshelves

Online classes and talks with Rabbi Elton and Rabbi Phil

Etgar Keret in Conversation with Rabbi Sharon Brous

Presented by AJU's Whizin Center and IKAR

Learn Israeli Dancing

Learn the basics with Francis Fester, Sydney renowned Israeli dance teacher from home.

Ancient Israel by NYU Professor Daniel Fleming

A lecture series which can be done as an online course

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on TED Connects

How we can navigate the coronavirus pandemic with courage and hope

Primo Levi – Interpreting Auschwitz

With Dr. Avril Alba from The University Of Sydney

The Israel Philharmonic Global Gala 2020

Hosted by Dame Helen Mirren

From Dybbuks to Unorthodox: What is New Yiddish Cinema?

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

Degenerate Music

Andy Bromberger Music Lecture

Portrayals of Hasidim in Yiddish Cinema

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

The Supernatural in Yiddish Cinema Yesterday and Today

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

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