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Baking Babke with Bette

Cook along with Lisa, sing along with Ilan, and laugh along with The Divine…

National Theatre At Home

Watch a different free full length play each week

Sydney Jewish Writers Festival Podcast

Jewish writing, authors, journalists, screenwriters, poets and ideas from Australia and around the world

Big Night In with John Foreman

Arts Centre Melbourne

James and the Giant Peach

Read by Taika Waititi and a drop-in cast of pals and peers

Explore Music

A curated selection of music from classical to contemporary and everything in between

Virtual Singing Classes

Enter your details for access to a series of recorded singing lessons

The Trout, Music Film of 1969

with Du Pré, Perlman, Barenboim, Mehta & Zukerman

Michael Valzon at Shir Madness

A brilliant performance of "Only Numbers"

New York Philharmonic Plays On

The NY Philharmonic share performances via digital video and audio

The Israel Philharmonic Global Gala 2020

Hosted by Dame Helen Mirren

From Dybbuks to Unorthodox: What is New Yiddish Cinema?

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

Portrayals of Hasidim in Yiddish Cinema

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

The Supernatural in Yiddish Cinema Yesterday and Today

Yiddish On Screen / Yiddish Oyfn Ekran

The Story of the Yiddish Stage

Get to know the greatest Yiddish actors and playwrights through thousands of archival documents.…

JFlix Jewish Films

A video platform dedicated to Jewish and Israeli related movies

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