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Our Favourite Recipes & Cooking Videos

On this page you will find a curated selection of our favourite recipes and cooking videos. We will look at all cuisines using flavours from around the globe, as well as traditional Jewish dishes for festivals and special celebrations. Explore each category and find your new favourite recipe! 


Ready to try your hand at making your own challah? 

Egg and Onion

A simple dish of egg and onions for your Shabbat.

Ricotta Cheesecake

A wonderful light cheesecake for Shavuot.

Celebrate the festival of shavuot with this traditional sweet, cheesy noodle dish from the old world.

A video to help you make the perfect do-ahead Shabbat lunch with egg and onion, Challah, Cholent and Apple Pie.


A simple but special way to cook white fish fillets.

Barramundi with Sweet Peppers

Fresh fish served with a combination of capsicum and onion with salty capers, sweet raisins and a dressing.

A Simple Breakfast Salad

Perfect salad for breakfast or brunch. Fresh and healthy. Yum!

Middle Eastern Crunch Salad

A three part recipe with a colourful fresh salad, golden spiced chicken and a green hummus.

Three Cheese Spinach Coils

A quick and simple filo coil, stuffed with a delicious mixture of spinach and three cheeses.


Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls

The perfect chicken soup served with matzo balls.


The minestrone to get you through winter.


Custard Chiffon Cake

The iconic Monday Morning Cooking Club chiffon cake. A spectacular recipe and heartwarming story.

Cinnamon Apple Cake

A quick one-bowl one-spoon recipe, adaptable to pears and stone fruit.

Mum's Crumb Cookies

A delicious biscuit slice with spiced date jam.

Turkish Sesame Sweet

A traditional cello-wrapped sweet. A lovely way to finish a meal with a cup of mint tea.

Chocolate Yeast Kugelhopf

A delicious, yeasty, chocolatey baking project. Start in the morning and enjoy in the afternoon.


A divine Italian dessert with soaked sponge fingers and cream layers.

Frozen Lemon Meringue

A fabulous make-ahead dessert. Store in the freezer and slice pieces as needed.

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