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Our Top Podcast Picks

Podcasts (audio programs) are a great way to learn and explore new topics. On this page we have collected a range of free podcasts for you to enjoy. 


Jonathan Goldstein kvetches and kibbitzes his way through other people’s problems and somehow helps them sort them out. 

Where Should We Begin

Check out Esther Perel’s own podcast and quickly realise why this Belgian-born Psychologist daughter of Holocaust survivors has become a world-wide phenomenon

Can We Talk

From the Jewish Womens Archive in NY is everything you’d hope. Warm, witty, smart and sassy, and very very proudly Jewish. Probably some men wouldn’t mind listening to this too!

Judaism Unbound

If you are interested in  the Jewish future (or futures?) you could do no better than listening to the last 200 or so episodes of Judaism Unbound. Mabye we’ll even get them to do an episode on Dunera one of these days.

Israel Story

Sure its an ashamed knock-off of This American Life, but it was done with Ira Glass’ blessing. Israel Story brings to life the beautiful nooks, untold stories and fabulous characters of Israel. We promise you’ll love it. Especially the episodes which deal with Israel’s history through its popular songs


They’ve really cracked the whole Adult Jewish learning thing in Orange County. Their Community Scholar Program has been going for years, and everything is generously available online and free.  The recent multipart lecture series “Fulfilling the Dream: The Fascinating Story of Modern Israel” by Rhodesian-born Israeli academic Paul Liptz is terrific.

Fault Lines​

We’ve steered clear of politics on Dunera, but if you want to listen to a reasoned discussion between the Left and Right on the future of our Jewish State, and an attempt to find some common ground, mutual respect and understandin, then listen to this by Danny Gordis and Peter Beinart.


Richard Fidler’s Conversations on our own ABC are always wonderful. Here are a few that you may have missed, or that we think will be interesting to Dunera audiences:


Before the Netflix show that scandalised Satmar sex, came the Tablet Magazine podcast of the same name. Always a fresh take on the “News of the Jews”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

If you haven’t been listening to Rabbi Sacks for years, what with everything going on and us all struggling to make sense of it, now’s probably a good time to start

Revisionist History

All the Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History episodes are wonderful, but every Jew HAS to listen to the one which explains the difference between CHUTZpah and chutzPAH.

Secrets In The Castle

A story of life, love and a curious death told by writer and barrister, Philippe Sands. A cold war mystery that reveals consequences that stretch across generations.

Ruth Wisse & Hillel Halkin

In this podcast, Halkin joins one of his longtime interlocutors, Professor Ruth Wisse, for a wide-ranging discussion about Israel, aliyah, tradition, religion, cultural fidelity, and, of course, Halkin’s new book.

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