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On this page you will find our best recommendations for everything book related. Podcasts, articles, Book Festivals, and so much more for people who love literature as much as we do. Make sure you check this page regularly as we start to add more great content. 


Howard Jacobson

Travel Writing with Katie Hickman, Howard Jacobson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Peter Hessler, Suketu Mehta, William Dalrymple

John Freeman

from the PEN World Voices Festival, exploring literature and the deeper truths that connect us

Thirty Years of Toni Morrison

Morrison reminds us that we must remain steadfast in our protection of the written word and the power that literature has to inspire and transform.

Yotam Ottolenghi: Simple

This is a rare chance to hear from one of Britain’s most-loved food writers, in conversation with longtime food journalist and explorer, Joanna Savill.

Magda Szubanski: Reckoning

One of Australia’s best-loved performers takes the UWRF stage with Michael Veitch to reflect on her blockbuster memoir, Reckoning.

Damon Young

From Asterix to Aristotle, prize-winning philosopher Damon Young challenges us to rediscover the art of reading.

Deborah Feldman

Author of the memoir Unorthodox, on leaving her ultra-orthodox community

Susan Neiman

On the dangers of falsifying national memory with Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens.

Hilary Mantel

An essayist, memoirist and novelist, best known for her historical Wolf Hall series on the life of Tudor lawyer and statesman Thomas Cromwell.

Trent Dalton and Julia Baird

In a moment where the world has had to pause, these two authors speak to Meredith Lake about how we can learn to pay attention to the things that matter to us.

J.S Margot

Mazel Tov is a provocative and disarmingly honest memoir of navigating clashing cultures and unusual friendships

Sally Berkovic

Sally Berkovic chronicles the challenges of raising daughters while straddling the tensions between an Orthodox religious life and the forces of secularism. 

A.B Yehoshua

In conversation with literary critic David Herman he discusses his life and work, and his new novel, The Tunnel, an exploration of identity, ageing, family, secrets and spies.

Stephen Greenblatt

How The Renaissance Began And World Became Modern

The BKBF Interview: Joyce Carol Oates

Critically acclaimed author of My Life as a Rat

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